Diving with us

Dive sites in Tulamben and Amed

Here you'll find a list of the most popular dive-sites at the Eastern coast of Bali. You can visit all of them with us, and many more that are not so well known yet!

USAT Liberty wreck
USAT Liberty wreck One of the most famous wreck in the world - USAT Liberty wreck - lies right off shore in Tulamben. It's 125 meters long and it lies at the depth between 5 and 30 meters, and that makes it perfect for beginners as well as experienced divers.
Coral Gardens
Coral Gardens Rich coral gardens of Tulamben are unique: lying in shallow waters between 2 and 8 meters, they offer unforgettable experience even to the most experienced divers: sharks, all kinds of fishes, crabs, nudibranches and even eagle rays live there.
School of jackfish at Drop Off
Drop Off Schools of fish, huge tuna, hungry humphead parrotfish and incredibly blue water below you as far as you can see - that's what Tulamben Drop Off is about. All kinds of corals cover the wall, that is falling all the way down to 70-80 meters.
Alamanda Just a couple of minutes by boat south from Drop Off lies a beautiful place - Alamanda. Coral pinnacles raising up from the depth are home to numerous fish and little creatures: crabs, shrimps, seahorses and others.
Batu Kelebit
Batu Kelebit The Kelebit Rocks - this dives site is just 10 minutes away from the Drop Off by boat and corals here are amazing: a moment away from the entrance area, and you are in lush gardens slowly sloping down into the blue.
Emerald Emerald is the furthest dive point from Tulamben, 15 minutes by boat, but the coral growth here worth every minute spend on your way. Some strong currents bring large schools of fish and even sharks to this beautiful spot.
Kubu Village of Kubu boasts not only beautiful coral reef gently sloping down, but a recent addtion - a wreck, that still looks like new, but barracudas and other marine creatures have already chosen it as their home.
Macro Sites
Macro Sites We visit many macro sites around Tulamben too: Seraya Secrets, Segara, Melasti and Batu Nitty to name a few. Each place is home to numerous nudibranches, shrimps, crabs, leaf-fish and rhinopias, as well as various eels and frogfishes.
Japanese Wreck
Japanese Wreck Wreck, but still not a wreck, how's that? That's Japanese wreck - old wooden boat is covered with soft corals and it is home for hundreds of fish. Corals just beside it are so rich with life, that it's probably one of the busiest places in Amed.
Jemeluk Bay
Jemeluk Bay Beautiful artificial structures created enough protection here for rich coral growth and lots of fish. Smaller blocks are home to many macro creatures and this place is always full of surprises even for experienced guides.
Pyramids This reef is protected from strong waves by artificial pyramids that became home to thousands of fishes: as you descend, you almost feel like Giza pyramids from Egypt were moved and sank here in Amed.
Amed Wall
Amed Wall Do you want to fly in the blue water looking into the abyss next to a beautiful coral wall? Then Amed wall would definitely be your choice of dive site! And you have a big chance to see hawksbill turtles here too!

Prices for diving in Tulamben and Amed

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Activity Number of dives What's included Price/Harga
Equipment Rental by piece Wet suit, regulator, BCD, ABC 65 000 IDR
Daily Diving 1 dive/day Tanks, weights, guide 455 000 IDR
Daily Diving 2 dives/day Tanks, weights, guide 715 000 IDR
Daily Diving 3 dives/day Tanks, weights, guide 975 000 IDR
Night Dive 1 dive Tanks, weights, guide (torch rental 91 000 IDR extra) 455 000 IDR
Diving in Kubu 2 dives/day Tanks, weights, guide, transfer 845 000 IDR
Macro Sites 2 dives/day Tanks, weights, guide, transfer 845 000 IDR
Diving in Amed 2 dives/day Tanks, weights, guide, transfer 1 040 000 IDR
Snorkeling Unlimited Fins, mask and snorkel 195 000 IDR
Equipment Rental Full Set Wet suit, regulator, BCD, ABC 195 000 IDR