Dive courses for you

Learn to dive and expand your experience

What are you looking for? Just a try dive to see what’s out there underwater? Something new that will make your diving experience even more exciting? New hobby or a future job? Just come and try it out. We promise you lots of fun, sun and salty water, relaxed atmosphere, 100% safety and a super-flexible course planning: create your own schedule and we will just follow it.

All PADI courses are available for you at our facility: for beginners, for experienced divers, for those whose choice is professional diving and, of course, for children. Please, use this Currency Converter to check prices in your home currency.

Courses Days to Reserve for us Number of Dives in the Sea Minimum Requirements Price/Harga
Divemaster 21 at least 20 Rescue Diver and 60 logged dives upon request
Discover Scuba Diving 1 2 Are you 8 years old or more? So, just come and try it! 975 000 IDR
Open Water Diver 3-4 4 Are you 10 years old or more? So, just come and get your certification! 4 680 000 IDR
Advanced Open Water Diver 2 5 OWD 3 900 000 IDR
Emergency First Response 1 no diving, but still fun No limits! Anyone can join! 2 080 000 IDR
Rescue Diver+EFR 5 5 AOWD and min 12 years old 6 110 000 IDR
Nitrox, DUP, Boat, Drift, AWARE, PPB Specialties 1 2 OWD and min 10/12 years old 2 340 000 IDR
Night Diver Specialty 3 evenings 3 OWD and min 12 years old 2 600 000 IDR
Underwater Navigator Specialist 1 3 OWD and min 10 years old 2 340 000 IDR
Self-Reliant Diver 1 3 AOWD, min 18 years old and 100 logged dives 3 380 000 IDR
Deep, Wreck, Search and Recovery Specialty 2 4 Adventure Diver and min 15 (12) years old 2 860 000 IDR